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Blog #5: Holy Novak Films


I have been spending the past few months developing the independent production studio Holy Novak Films with the help of friends, TJ Peloquin and Ryan Jordan. We are committed to innovative and handcrafted film production. Using timeless techniques with modern technologies. Our first projects are currently in post-production and we are looking forward to releasing them later this year. The opening short is titled, please be patient with me and is directed by Holy Novak Films co-founder TJ Peloquin. It is a short film about memory. We are awaiting the results of festival submissions for this project.

Another short film in post-production is Nocturne no. 1 directed, written, shot, edited, and starring myself. This is a 10 minute horror movie set deep in the nocturnal wilderness, an isolated man seemingly along in the darkness. This short is a prelude to a longer mini-series we are planning on completing throughout this year and next.

Along with the completion of the web-series and other conventional genre pieces we are also working on sensory micro shorts, music videos, and experimental films. I look forward to the remainder of the year and the film work we have yet to release. The work will be distributed on, which is still being completed. We are hoping to publish the first shorts with the premiere of the site in Spring, 2019.

There are some more experimental shorts we have coming soon as well, one is Reverie, which uses abstract imagery of city lights and traffic to paint the nostalgic picture of the evening drive. That short will premiere in the Port Orchard Film Festival in Seattle, Washington in May. Another project we are looking forward to finishing is the poetic Ninth Planet, a short story about a romance that never takes place.

The future is looking bright for Holy Novak Films. We plan to release projects either in festivals, or on our site/social accounts. We have many different types of projects in the works, from low-fi experimental shorts to 30 minute festival movies. We look forward to the publication of this work and everyone at Holy Novak Films is excited to see what 2019 has in store for us.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for Holy Novak Films, coming soon.



Ben Rigney